#66 tells the story of an assassin-for-hire, who is hired to kill a police informant, but instead steals the money and runs, igniting the spark that leads a criminal organization to go to war with itself.

After returning home to hide out, he discovers his family’s business has ties to a branch of the same criminal organization. His secret past and bad decisions help spark a deadly battle for power between the men who hired him and hold his family’s fate in their hands. 66 soon finds himself caught in the middle of this war, with his loyalty torn between his family, his employer and the woman he was charged to protect.

A man of violence wishes to become something more. A city of criminals and evil men who will do anything to make sure it is their vision of the future that triumphs. A woman who still sees hope and potential for change. Whose vision is stronger, whose vision will succeed? A battle of willpower and violence, a battle between deadly men, with the fate of the city and one man’s soul hanging in the balance.



In 2016, Creative Motion Pictures make a comeback with “#66”. In this project, Asun Mawardi tackles the challenges of directing as well as taking on lead acting responsibilities. Mawardi serves at the titular character, #66, and has broadened his acting abilities and includes performing his own action stunts.
#66 awarded Platinum Remi Award at the 49th WorldFest-Houston International Independent Film Festival 2016, won Best Sound Design & Best Supporting Actress in a Foreign Language film at the 8th International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema London 2016. Moreover it won Best Fight Choreography-Feature & Best Foreign Film (Runner Up) at the 12th Annual Action on Film International Film Festival 2016. Also an Official Selection for several film festivals, such as International Panorama at the 6th Beijing International Film Festival; and the Panorama Section of the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival 2016.

Genre: Action

Directed By: Asun Mawardi

Screenplay By: Matthew Ryan Fischer, Asun Mawardi

Produced By: Asun Mawardi, Gina Maria