Devastation such as the Asian Tsunami forces broadcasters around the world to remind themselves of their own roles and duties. Amongst them, becoming a witness to each era and event as they unfold is of paramount responsibility, especially in times of major disaster. Broadcasters have an ability to shed light on the plight of people who are suffering and letting the world know of their urgent needs and requirements. Furthermore, by raising public awareness of natural disasters and various prevention methods, broadcasters can help to save more lives in the future.



In 2005, Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union was looking for partner in Indonesia to make a documentary for the anniversary of Tsunami tragedy. ABU approached CMP, and again Asun Mawardi was hired as the executive producer for this project. It was more of a humanitarian project for Asun Mawardi, who together with the Asia Pacific Broadcasting (ABU) and Kantana produced a documentary film on the anniversary of the Tsunami tragedy.

Genre: Documentary

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