‘The Pirate Brothers’, is an action-packed tale of truth, brotherhood and vengeance. When young Sunny loses his protective brother to a gang of thugs, he vows from then on to seek eventual revenge. Years later, he ends up in an orphanage where he befriends an innocent boy who has lost both parents.

Verdy, the boy, suggests that he and Sunny become brothers, so that they themselves can be a family. Sunny accepts and protects Verdy as once his big brother protected him. Their paths split when Verdy is adopted by a wealthy family. Destined for a different path and separated by fate, their lives cross again when Verdy, now successful and wealthy is kidnapped by pirates during a holiday with his fiance. The pirates' intentions become clear, it’s not a ransom they want, it’s the eventual death of Verdy. Things turn for the worse when, after years of separation, Sunny appears as a member of the gang of pirates. They are brothers not by blood but by Will: but is this enough to save Verdy?



In 2010, CMP embarked on its first action film, Pirate Brothers, directed and produced by Asun Mawardi and starring Hollywood star Robin Shou (”Mortal Kombat”, “Beverly Hills Ninja” and “Death Race”) and new comers Verdy Bhawanta, is a fast paced action movie with traces the story of Sunny (Shou) an orphan who loses his biological brother at a tender age, but who then “adopts” a new younger brother, Verdy (Bhawanta) and guides him through life at the orphanage before they are separated more by Sunny’s honorable intentions than by cruel fate. It’s written by Matthew Ryan Fischer (”The King of Fighters”), and music composer Nathan Wang (Disney’s “She’s the Man” and “The Game Plan”, and Jackie Chan’s “Rumble in the Bronx”, “Who Am I?”). Pirate Brothers won awards and become an Official Selection at several International Film Festival, and in 2013 it gets picked up and distributed by Lionsgate for North America territory.

Genre: Action

Directed By: Asun Mawardi

Screenplay By: Matthew Ryan Fischer, Douglas Galt, Asun Mawardi

Produced By: Asun Mawardi, Keith Brinksman, Jimmy Djulianto, Gina Maria