The future crashes into the past when a group of friends cross a local loan shark. Haunted by the deeds of his father, Max wants to be more than the son of a criminal and escape the crime infested neighborhood he lives in. Max’s best friend Leo is always in and out of trouble and has a history of crossing the line in hopes of making it big someday. In a neighborhood where everyone knows everyone, and everyone has a committed a crime or two, the past is hard to escape.

Once Upon a Time in Indonesia is the story of money. Good or bad, right or wrong, honest or criminal, the money flows throughout the neighborhood. It touches them all, can corrupt an honest soul and everyone has to choose to look the other way or to stand up and do what’s right. Every choice has a consequence, and the past is about to come back with a vengeance.

Genre: Action

Directed By: Asun Mawardi

Screenplay By: Matthew Ryan Fischer, Asun Mawardi

Produced By: Asun Mawardi, Gina Maria