Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen

In 2014 Creative Motion Pictures collaborates for the second time with Singapore’s J Team Productions and director Jack Neo, for the third installment of Ah Boys to Men franchise Part 3: Frogmen.

Ah Boys to Men Part 3: Frogmen premiere on 19 February 2015 in Singapore. The movie raked $2.83 million from box offices in four days, making it the Asian film with the highest ever box office takings in its opening weekend in Singapore.

In an alternate timeline, Ken, Lobang and Wayang King are transferred to the Naval Diving Unit (NDU) and have to overcome obstacles and personal issues to grow as people.

Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen


  • Tosh Zhang Third Warrant Officer Alex Ong
  • Joshua Tan Third Sergeant Ken Chow
  • Wang Weiliang Third Sergeant Bang "Lobang" Lee Onn
  • Maxi Lim Third Sergeant Aloysius Jin (Wayang King)
  • Wesley Wong Third Sergeant Shek Hak Long (Hei Long)
  • Gadrick Chin Sha Bao
  • Justin Dominic Misson Second Warrant Officer BT Lum No. 2
  • Charlie Goh Corporal Tan Wei Ming
  • Bunz Bao Corporal Sam Hui
  • Hanrey Low Henry
  • Jasper Lai Corporal Handsome
  • Joey Long Lo Wei
Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen