Rindu Kami PadaMu

A film made ‚Äč‚Äčentirely in the studio with an approach that has created the Asian films in the era of 40-50s. A film that tells about the eggs, prayer rugs, mosque domes, and the search for love in a small market located among Jakarta's skyscrapers at the time before fasting month and Idul Firti.

In that small market, three children lived with their respective issues.
Asih always makes people furious because it leaves one empty spot next to him every time he was praying in a mosque,the space that "will bring the devil".
Rindu, making drawings mosque without domes. While Bimo constantly stealing eggs to find the figure of his mother. The whole issue involving a
masjig teacher named Bagja (Didi Petet) amid the wait of the arrival of the dome that will perfected the construction of the mosque he leads. The wait on the arrival of the dome depicting the love and divided families and an uncertain life in a small market.

This is the story about the search for love has always been understood, a story that displays a yearning for a life together that humble and religiosity are present in everyday trivial, something that is highly coveted in the era full of uncertainty and violence.

Rindu Kami PadaMu


  • Jaja Miharja (Pak Sabeni)
  • Didi Petet (Pak Bagja)
  • Neno Warisman (Ibu Mah)
  • Fauzi Baadilla (Seno)
  • Reza Bukan (Budi)
  • Ela Gayo (Lanang)
  • Nova Eliza (Cantik)
  • Putri Mulia Asih
  • Sakurta Harapen Ginting (Bimo)
  • Raisha Pramesi (Rindu)
Rindu Kami PadaMu