After The Tsunami

After the Tsunami: One Year Beyond

Devastation such as the Asian Tsunami forces broadcasters around the world to remind themselves of their own roles and duties.  Amongst them, becoming a witness to each era and event as they unfold is of paramount responsibility, especially in times of major disaster.  Broadcasters have an ability to shed light on the plight of people who are suffering and letting the world know of their urgent needs and requirements.  Furthermore, by raising public awareness of natural disasters and various prevention methods, broadcasters can help to save more lives in the future.
“Asian Tsunami: Disaster of the Century”  1 x 27’ min
Through the generous contribution of unique archive footage from 6 ABU member organizations, DDI-India, TVRI-Indonesia, RTM-Malaysia, TVM-Maldives, SLRC-Sri Lanka, ITN-Sri Lanka, TPT/MCOT-Thailand and RTB-Brunei, as well as the special cooperation of  Dr. Asun Mawardi, an independent producer, and the Kantana Group, a film and television production company in Thailand, the ABU have put together a 30-minute documentary, entitled “Asian Tsunami: Disaster of the Century”, completed in time for the 1st anniversary of the Asian Tsunami. This programme showcases the dramatic footage from the 6 afflicted countries, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Thailand. They are a valuable and historic account of the tragedy, and have been made possible only through the special network of members in the ABU.

“Tsunami Aftermath: the Road to Recovery”  4 x 27’ min
This co-production project focuses on the peoples’ effort to recover from the disaster, through long term and in-depth coverage of the aftermath. Since the very first Producers’ Meeting for the project, Executive Producer, Clara Choi from RTHK-Hong Kong has been supervising the production of these documentary episodes: 

Where is My Land? produced by METRO TV-Indonesia. In the area where buildings were destroyed by the tsunami, many residents ended up losing their land registry, together with their homes. The verification of land registry was included as one of the top priority agenda when the government of Indonesia announced a blueprint for reconstruction of Aceh in March.  The work is not progressing as well as expected however and resulting in growing discontent among the residents.

Rebuilding Lives, Rebuilding the Resort produced by TPT/MCOT-Thailand. This programme covers a redevelopment attempt by a female resort owner, an entrepreneur who opened her first resort facility in Khao Lak, 20 years ago.  The tsunami destroyed two of her resort facilities but she aspires to reopen her business as soon as possible and now devotes her time fund-raising while offering hope and encouragement to her employees.

Against the Tide produced by SLRC-Sri Lanka. About the lives of fishermen in the village of Hambantota in the southern coastal district of Sri Lanka, having lost their homes, special fishing nets and fishing boats during the Tsunami. The programme will describe their attempt and struggle to resume fishing, an activity that sustains their livelihood.

A New Life: Arifa’s Story produced by TVM-Maldives. This programme follows Arifa, an elderly woman who has lost her husband in the tsunami disaster and who is now faced with prospect of starting her life all over again with the rest of her family in a new environment, having been forced to abandon her severely devasted island.

After The Tsunami


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After The Tsunami