Magical World of Asia (MWOA) Project

In 2008 Asun conceived the idea of building a Theme Park which would reflect the magic of all Asian cultures, and create a place unlike any other. He assembled a worldclass support group and consulted with all of the major international theme park designers to work on a conceptual park design,
complete with preliminary plans for attractions, rides, hospitality and

The experience of managing this whole process was invaluable,
as it quickly became clear that a western-based “cookie-cutter” approach would not succeedoptimally in the Asian concept and culture, and would most probably lead to the types of problems seen at other Asian versions of western-style Theme Parks.

Taking these important learning into account, Asun commissioned and oversaw the development of an “Asia- customized” Initial Feasibility Study, which is based on the abovementioned designs, and contains details of the sizing and high-level costing of the planned park.

With the help of his Executive Team, he has also worked with real estate professionals, legal counsel, and government representatives in Malaysia on preliminary site selection planning.

This important project is currently at the advanced development stage where Pro Entertainment Management is reviewing options to move the project to the next, detailed planning phase, subject to acquiring the necessary funding through equity investment, government participation and debt financing.

Magical World of Asia (MWOA) Project